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How To Finish Writing Your Thesis


You might have come across a lot of assignments when you were in your high school grades and colleges. The teachers would have wanted the assignments to be perfect and with all the necessary templates and writing structure. The challenge of writing the essays and academic papers are more once you enter college. Your professor would only accept the assignments, thesis or academic appears that have the right style of writing. There are many students who start their assignment or thesis on the right note and finally find it difficult to complete one. They do not like to complete it and will look at various ways to somehow complete it. If completing the assignments or thesis is a problem for you, then start to think out of the box. Try twisting the normal approach of writing a thesis paper. This could help you to complete the thesis in a better manner.

Never write section wise

It is not an easy job to write your thesis from the start to the end. There might be some sections in your thesis that is easy for you. Some of them might be hard ones. So, try doing a few easy sections at the beginning. This will build confidence in you to attempt the difficult sections. Start to write the methods sections first. Follow it up with the results sections.


Never plan for days

The biggest mistake that we make while writing a thesis is that we plan well ahead. We make a week’s plan and find that it is not achieved at the end of the week. To make up the lost time, we will make an even harder plan next week. What this results in is poor quality wiring. It is better to focus on the day’s writing. You are sure of coming out with quality writing. Set realistic goals for the day and try to achieve it. Never worry about tomorrow.  I got this sage advice from my friend Lou at Delta’s Best Painters who went back to school after being in the painting business for years and ended up finishing his Masters. 

Lookout for spellings and grammar at last

It is important to express all the ideas on paper. Do not look for spellings and grammar while you write. You can always check out for the formatting and the spellings once you have the creative writing on your hand. It is easy to correct the spellings and grammar after writing the thesis.