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They did a decent job editing my dissertation, not quite the game changer I was hoping for but it didn’t cost too much and it saved me a ton of time so I can’t complain.

Barton, Gilbert, Arizona

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Dissertation Editing

With the fast-paced and busy schedule of the modern student, it can be a difficult task to balance the all the key research and writing aspects of a dissertation. Writing should be regarded as an on-going process and not a single step to be taken once everything else is completed. Before you even begin researching, you need to have a clear research proposal and introduction written down. During the conduction of your research or whenever engaged in any activity related to your dissertation: constantly keep jotting down notes. Our dissertation editing experts point out that dissertation requirements are not even close to those which most students are expecting. A dissertation can be described as a research novella that summarizes your research in several chapters. Most students have only been required to write short research essays that are at most 20 pages in length. An average dissertation can range anywhere between 100 to over 300 pages in length! This is just a rough guide, but dissertation length varies depending on the chosen subject and topic.

Professional Dissertation Editing

Editing a is a crucial step that is often overlooked by many students writing dissertations, which results in negative comments from professors and leads to an increase in time spent on correction which may not be thoroughly addressed. Professors may be too busy to read through your entire rough draft several times or provide enough information. Professors will not correct or write your dissertation for you! Certainly, they may scan through it and provide feedback, but it will be limited to a certain degree. Dissertation editing is crucial to achieving a coherent structure, but it is also one of the most time-consuming parts and one of the most common reasons that students miss deadlines: they do not seek a professional editing service.

Our Dissertation Editing Professionals Will Polish Your Paper

Let Dissertationediting.net help you not only meet your deadlines, but provide you with a professionally polished dissertation that will get you noticed by your colleagues and professors. Some of the dissertation editing services that are offered at Dissertationediting.net include, but are not limited to:

  • Dissertation Proofreading – Dissertationediting.net will first proofread your dissertation to provide us with the basic overview of which direction you are headed in.
  • Dissertation Editing- After proofreading your dissertation, Dissertationediting.net will begin to edit your paper, reading through it several times and making necessary changes to transform your dissertation into a polished final masterpiece.
  • Plagiarism Report- Dissertationediting.net runs every assignment through plagiarism detection software to make sure your dissertation is ready to be turned in.

Dissertation Editing Within Your Budget

Dissertationediting.net aims to keep the dissertation editing process within your budget and will not charge you for any additional services. If you have a dissertation that needs to be proofread, you will only be charged the sum specified for this service on our website. Dissertationediting.net endorses a preliminary interview between you and your writer to determine exactly what package will best suite your dissertation editing needs. Our dissertation editing is provided by former graduate students who have successfully submitted a dissertation, received positive feedback from professors and have experience editing. We also employ a single professional editor to inspect the final draft once more before finalization. Under no circumstance do we hire an unqualified editor to provide our professional dissertation editing service.

Dissertationediting.net guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and guaranteed on-time delivery or your money back!